This April, there's blood in the water...
CHUM is a surf noir mini-series where an unloved triangle on a small island leads to blood in the water.

CHUM tells the story of Summer Stanwyck, a woman who feels trapped. She tends bar on the island she grew up on, the local cop is about to become her ex-husband, and she’s wasting time screwing the local reefer kingpin.
But when a bag full of cash and drugs falls into her lap, she sees a way out... and anyone who gets in her way is shark bait. 
  • SURF NOIR monthly mini-series from ComixTribe, launching in April 2016.
  • Written by Ryan K Lindsay (Dark Horse's Negative Space, Headspace, Deer Editor) 
  • Art by Sami Kivela (Zenescope's Realm War, Deer Editor) with colors by Mark Dale.
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